Eco Savers observes World Earth Day

Bhubaneswar: Eco Savers Youth Network, Bhubaneswar Unit, an
initiative of People’s Cultural Centre 
(PECUC) and SOS village, Khandagiri observed the World Earth Day at SOS
village campus creating awareness among people especially children and clean
campus activity on Tuesday.
Participating in the occasion Network leader Sushree Shailani
Suman laid emphasis on three ‘R’ i.e. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle for proper
waste treatment.  She presented a paper
in which she mentioned that India’s net gross trash accounts for 76 per cent in
industrial centre and most of wastes are not being recycled.
Among others, Network member Srujan Bharadwaj Pati, SOS village
students Snehalata Khara, Vidya Mohapatra and Debraj Nayak spoke on the
occasion and take oath to initiate and put in practice the ideas related to
protecting the environment by planting more trees, reducing waste, using
recycled products, conserving electricity
and many more.

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