Union MSME Ministry hails Odisha’s MSME automation initiative

Bhubaneswar: Odisha’s initiatives in automation of key
processes for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) and making them
transparent has become examples for the entire country with the Union
Government pressing for their replication in other States.

According to Additional Development Commissioner, Ministry
of MSME this online software is very much user-friendly integrating all
stakeholders in the workflow. They would like such efforts to be made by other
State’s MSME departments which would help not only the States bur also DC
(MSME) office immensely.
The online EM filing has worked wonders not only boosting
the registration rate but also enabling the State MSME Department to keep complete
track of the enterprises that are in the offing or in operation. Earlier, the
MSMEs had to go through acknowledgment procedures at the district industries
centres (DIC) which was not only cumbersome but also time-consuming.
The automation of Entrepreneurship Memorandum (EM) filing,
which relates to establishment of new enterprises and their operational status,
has drawn special attention of the Union MSME Ministry. Underscoring its
keenness for replication of the system in other States, Additional Development
Commissioner (MSME) emphasised that it will not only help the states but also
the DC (MSME) office to have a real-time status check of entrepreneurs as well
as data records on the All India Frame of MSME units.
This has been overcome by the online system developed by the
Department in association with Odisha Modernizing Economy, Governance and
Administration (OMEGA) as applications are being processed expeditiously. From
April 1 till date, the department has seen filing of as high as 9308 EM-I applications
pertaining to establishment of units. Of the number, 8641 have been approved
and 332 pending. Of 315 applications for EM-II, acknowledgement of consent to
operate and change of status of units, 124 have already gained approval and 145
are pending. In EM-I, the number of applications has more than doubled compared
to the last year.
The Department is also set to carry forward the automation,
integrating other workflow systems. “Directorate of Export Promotion and
Marketing (EPM) and the National Mission on Food Process scheme are set to
follow suit by March next year according to 
Secretary MSME Panchanan Dash .  

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