With over 1.45 lakh fatalities a year, India accounts for 12.5% of global road accidents


Kochi: With over 1,45,000 fatalities a year, India accounts for 12.5 per cent of the global road accidents, one road accident occurring every four minutes, said Institute of Road Traffic Education (IRTE), Ghaziabad president Dr Rohit Baluja.

Baluja revealed this while speaking in a two-day workshop on road traffic and safety organised at the Southern Naval Command.

The Southern Naval Command, in collaboration with the IRTE organised the workshop on January 20 and 30.

The workshop was aimed at improving awareness and knowledge about road safety. It was attended by a large number of naval officers, sailors, defence civilian employees and their families.

Baluja also discussed the lack of road safety awareness and problems faced by both motorists and pedestrians on Indian roads and certain common sense ways to prevent the same.

He also said that that the epidemic of deaths due to traffic accidents and serious injuries is both predictable and preventable.

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