Here’s all you need to know about National War Memorial

  • The National War Memorial has been built to seamlessly merge and complement the hexagon around the existing Chhatri (canopy), the imposing India Gate and the majestic Rajpath.
  • The Memorial commemorates the supreme sacrifice of 25,942 Indian soldiers who laid down their life for the sovereignty and integrity of the country, in the post-independence period. It also honours the bravery and gallantry of our 21 Brave Hearts who are the proud recipient of our nation’s highest gallantry award, the Param Vir Chakra.
  • The layout of the Memorial comprises four concentric circles including Amar Chakra (Circle of Immortality), Veer Chakra (Circle of Bravery), Tyag Chakra (Circle of Sacrifice) and Rakshak Chakra (Circle of Protection). The Memorial complex includes a Central Obelisk, an eternal flame, murals, graphic panels, inscription of names of fallen Heroes and busts of recipients of Param Vir Chakra among other themes.
  • This Memorial symbolises the victory and valour of our gallant heroes in safeguarding the honour of our country.
  • The Memorial provides a deep humbling experience resonating respect and pride for Armed Forces, and will for posterity serve as a symbol of inspiration for future generations.
  • It will also strengthen the sense of bonding and belonging whilst instilling high moral values, sacrifice and national pride.
  • The National War Memorial includes a sombre lighting plan which highlights the valour and sacrifice of the soldiers whose names have been etched in gold letters on individual stone tablets. The entire landscaped architecture is well enmeshed with the overall design thereby providing an immersive and evocative environment which enhances the emotive and visual experience.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi dedicated the National War Memorial to Armed Forces on Monday.

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