Fighting COVID-19: BMC launches “Sachetak” App for Bhubaneswar citizens


Bhubaneswar: In its ongoing efforts to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, the Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) has developed a mobile application (App) named “Sachetak”, exclusively for the comorbid and elderly citizens of the State Capital. The App is developed by Bhubaneswar Smart City Limited.

After downloading the app, the users can register using their mobile number and a onetime password (OTP).Once registered, users will be required to Provide basic information about them such as age, occupation, ward of residence in Bhubaneswar, address, comorbidity or existing diseases, any type or surgery etc and caregiver and doctor details.

This will help BMC identify people at risk. After analyzing the inputs, the Civic body could also plan advance health-care camps etc. in a particular area of the city/zone in which more vulnerable groups would be found.

From the dashboard, Citizens can explore resources shared on COVID protection, etc, consult a doctor for specific diseases, view responses from doctors and updates on COVID quarantine, positive cases in their ward as well as other wards and Bhubaneswar and Odisha, update their profile if necessary and share feedback and refer friends and family.

Using the ‘Consult Doctor’ option, citizens can seek advice from registered doctors for specific diseases.Communication can be via the app or Via phone.Likewise, using the messaging option, citizens can View responses from doctors on their query and reply to them as well.Citizens can use the App to view videos, guidelines, safety and prevention tips as well As information on delivery and other services from time to time.

Citizens can also share their feedback or issues with the app or forward their suggestions via this option.

The App users can also refer their relatives, family or friends using the ‘refer’ option provided. However, authorities of BMC assured that privacy of the data would be maintained and there would be no threat to personal data sharing through the “Sachetak” App.

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