Kerejanga-Angul doubling railway line commissioned in record time


Bhubaneswar, January 11: The doubling between Kerejanga-Angul of 13.51 km has been commissioned on Sunday in a record time.

CCRS has authorized to run the trains at a maximum speed of 100kmph for the new double line. With this, doubling between Rairakhol to Angul is now completed for Sambalpur-Talcher Doubling project. This is 85.3km out of 168.2 km of doubling.

On December 28 last year, CCRS inspection was conducted at this section. Pre Non interlocked work started on January 5 and ended on January 7. Non- interlocked working started on January 8.

On January 8, a mega traffic block of eight hours was taken to connect UP existing main line to R3 of Angul. The work involved heavy machineries to be deployed for cut and connection work. Excellent unison and synchronization was seen between different departments of Railways.

On completion of the NI work, speed trial with inspection special train fitted with OMS 2000 hauled by Electric Locomotive was conducted between Kerjung and Angul section at a maximum speed of 110 kmph. Based on the speed trials, inspections, and interpretation of OMS results and by utilizing the power delegated to the Chief Commissioner of railway Safety, by section 28 of Indian Railway Act, the broad gauge line has been sanctioned for passenger and goods upto a maximum speed of 100 kmph.

General Manager East Coast Railways Vidya Bhusan congratulated the entire team for showing the determination and grit for the completion of the work.

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