612 people vaccinated on Day-1 in Bhubaneswar


Bhubaneswar, January 16: A total of 612 beneficiaries were administered vaccines on Saturday on the first day of the massive nation-wide vaccination drive against COVID-19 in Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) area.

The immunization drive was being conducted in six different facilities of Bhubaneswar. They are Capital Hospital, AIIMS, SUM Hospital, KIIMS Hospital, BMC Hospital and Unit -IV Community Health Centre.

By end of sessions in each centre, Capital Hospital facility covered 156 persons whereas 100 each in AIIMS, SUM Hospital, KIIMS Hospital, BMC Hospital and 56 in Unit -IV Community Health Centre(CHC) totalling 612.

First persons who were immunized in six centres of Bhubaneswar are – Biranchi Naik, sanitation worker (Capital Hospital), Dr. Umakanta Satpathy, Additional Director, DMET (Unit-IV CHC) Dr. Gitanjanli Batmanabane, Director AIIMS (Bhubaneswar, AIIMS), Dr. Niranjan Padhi, Consultant Medicine (BMC Hospital), Dr. Ashok Mohapatra, VC- SOA (SUM Hospital) and Major General Dr. Pradip Kumar Pattanaik, Director General & Principal KIIMS in KIIMS Hospital facility.

A mix of different categories of professionals received immunization today are 139 doctors, 230 paramedics,147 supporting staff, 89 ANMs and seven other categories.

Kabita Nayak, first vaccinator gave vaccine to Biranchi Naik, first beneficiary of Capital hospital facility.

“We are expecting to complete the target within a week so that preparatory activities could be done for the next round,” said BMC Commissioner Prem Chandra Choudhary.

Every one is normal who have received immunization today and this message should go to citizens for future cooperation of fighting against Covid-19, he added.

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