IIT Bhubaneswar starts holding classes in hybrid mode

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Bhubaneswar, September 29: About 40 per cent of the students of IIT Bhubaneswar are now on campus and these students are attending classes in Hybrid Mode, said an official release.

“The institute devised a mechanism of holding its classes in hybrid mode, equipped the newly constructed Pushpagiri Lecture Hall Complex (PLHC) with electronic gadgets for facilitating hybrid mode lecturing and realized the same,” said an IIT-Bhubaneswar statement.

A hybrid mode of lecturing can be used running classes simultaneously for both, the students attending a class in-person and those attending in virtual mode. Those who are physically present in the class can as usual attend a lecture and interact, while those who are away can participate remotely in virtual mode accessing the live stream of the lecture, it said.

Speaking on the initiative, IIT-Bhubaneswar Director Prof Raja Kumar said, “Now, in order to facilitate live streaming of the lecture, the board work and the faculty member giving the lecture including the interaction, video and audio capturing and streaming facility is used. This will facilitate streaming of the lecture live to a remote student including on an interactive or one way streaming session. We use MS Teams running on a laptop for the same. A faculty member can also interact with a remote student in the streaming session. On top of this, the faculty members are encouraged to use their own innovative methods over and above this basic mechanism.”

In the recently arrived batch of nearly 480 students, about 95 per cent have got vaccinated at least with one dose and the institute will be arranging the second dose vaccination for them. So far, the institute organised 13th vaccination drives.

“I am confident that within the coming one-two months, all of the students will have classes running with full physical presence or hybrid mode in the campus,” said Prof Raja Kumar.

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