‘Smart Kiosks’ at Bhubaneswar Janpath 


Bhubaneswar, November 7: The ‘Smart Kiosks’ located at different points of the Smart Jana Patha are becoming busy day by day. Eligible vendors identified through a specific survey have been given the kiosks at Smart Janpath area. Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) and Bhubaneswar Smart City Limited (BSCL) are jointly facilitating the process of preparation and handing over respectively.

“In an inclusive development perspective these kiosks are provided to eligible vendors who have already started their business in their stalls. In phases they are given the stalls and stalls opened in the area are having a smart look. These are also placed in a planned design,” said BMC Commissioner Sanjaya Kumar Singh.

As on date, at least 231 smart kiosks have been prepared by Bhubaneswar Smart City Ltd. All these are handed over to BMC for its disbursement among eligible vendors. Out of 231 kiosks 215 are disbursed. In six different phases these have been given to identify vendors who came under the survey made by BSCL through its agency. Rest 16 numbers will be disbursed soon and verification process has already started.

The process of disbursement started from April 2020. Out of 215 kiosks that are already handed over, one kiosk is dedicated for ‘Mo Khata’ Counter at Rajmahal and rest 214 kiosks are handed over to eligible beneficiaries. More numbers of kiosks have been handed over this year between July to October 2021. With such step by the authority Smart Janpath area has become encroachment free.

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