Odisha Govt presents Supplementary Budget of Rs 19,833 crore


Bhubaneswar, December 1: Finance Minister Niranjan Pujari on Wednesday presented the Supplementary Budget of Rs 19,833 crore for 2021-22 in the State Legislative Assembly, amid uproar by Opposition members. Last year, the Supplementary Budget outlay was Rs 11,200 crore.

Out of the total Supplementary provision, Rs 13,568 crore has been allocated towards programme expenditure (Schemes and infrastructure projects), Rs 4,577 crore towards administrative expenditure (Salary and pension), Rs 1,682 crore towards disaster management funds and Rs 6 crore towards transfer to local bodies (Panchayati raj institutions and urban local bodies).

The Supplementary provision of Rs 13,568 crore crore under Programme Expenditure is to be financed by tied up resources to the extent of Rs 6,137 crore, and through additional collection of own revenue to the extent of Rs 7,431 crore.

Additional provision of Rs 1,682.40 crore is proposed in the Supplementary Statement of Expenditure, 2021-22 against the differential year-end balance available as on dt.31.03.2021 in State Disaster Risk Management Fund.

The administrative expenditure of Rs 2,000 crore is provided towards transfer to the Consolidated Sinking Fund for amortization of loan as part of the counter-cyclical fiscal policy. While Rs 241.35 crore is provided towards ‘Repair and Maintenance of roads & bridges, Rs 132.30 crore is provided towards grants to different Universities under Higher Education Department.

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