BMC adopts innovative step to promote waste segregation in Bhubaneawar 


Bhubaneswar, December 19: The Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) has come up with an innovative approach of putting up thank you note and appeal messages at doorsteps of households to promote waste segregation at source in the city.

The drive started at 8.30 AM on Sunday where team of BMC approached the citizens to separate household waste as dry and wet to give it to Safeigadis of BMC.

In the first day of the event one ward from each administrative zone has been approached where team members put up thank you note at the doorsteps of household giving segregated waste. Simultaneously the team also visited the households who are not giving segregated waste and families’ not at all giving waste. These two types of households were appealed to help support giving segregated waste to BMC.

Three types of stickers in different colors with contextual messages have been developed to address and appeal the households. Families giving segregated waste following waste segregation rule are thanked with a green sticker at door steps. Families giving mixed waste but not in segregation are requested to give segregated waste through an orange color sticker and families who are not at all giving waste and throwing it out have been appealed to give waste in a segregated manner with red color stickers at their door steps.

“We have planned this citizen connect initiative to involve every household as an active contributor of city sanitation drive. The team will cover all identified wards and place the appeal of waste segregation at source,” said BMC Commissioner Sanjya Kumar Singh.

The places where the drive started today are – Badagada Brit colony- ward no.57 under South East zone, Soubhagya nagar- Bank colony, Ward 51 under South West zone and at Gajapati Nagar- ward no 12 under North Zone. About 200 households from each ward have been covered in first day of the drive. This citizen connect drive will cover the wards attached to Micro Composting Centers (MCC). As on today SE zone has total number of 13 MCCs serving 18 wards, north zone has 5 MCCs serving 9 wards and South West (SW) zone has 5 MCCs serving 9 wards. Out of 41 MCCs planned, 23 are functional serving 36 wards of the city.

To facilitate the drive today, BMC Chief Engineer (Sanitation) Prasanta Kumar Mohapatra, Deputy Commissioner (Sanitation) Suvendu Kumar Sahoo paid visit to different households with Swachha Sathis, Sanitary Inspectors, Sanitation Experts and Ward Officers. The officers sought public cooperation for a clean and green livable Bhubaneswar. At the same time Zonal Deputy Commissioner of SE Zone Mahendra Kumar Badhei, Zonal Deputy Commissioner of SW Zone, Ravi Narayan Jethi and Zonal Deputy Commissioner of North Zone Purandar Nanda coordinated the drive in their respective zones.

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