Safety works in Waltair Division: Here’s a list of trains cancelled, rescheduled & regulated 


Bhubaneswar, November 13: Services of several trains were cancelled and regulated to facilitate safety related modernisation works like placement of RCC segmental boxes by cut andcover method in connection with rebuilding of stone slab bridges over Rayagada-Vizianagaram section in Waltair Division.

The details followed as

Cancellation of trains:

1. The train No. 08504 Visakhapatnam-Rayagada Pass special leaving Visakhapatnam on 19.11.2023 will be cancelled

2. The train No. 08503 Rayagada-Visakhapatnam Pass special leaving Rayagada on 20.11.2023 will be cancelled

3. The train No. 08546 Visakhapatnam-Koraput Passenger Special leaving Visakhapatnam on 20.11.2023 will be cancelled

4. The train No. 08545 Koraput-Visakhapatnam Passenger Special leaving Koraput on 20.11.2023 will be cancelled.

5. The train No. 18512 Visakhapatnam-Koraput Intercity Express leaving Visakhapatnam on 20.11.2023 will be cancelled

6. The train No. 18511 Koraput-Visakhapatnam Intercity Express leaving Koraput on 21.11.2023 will be cancelled.


1. The train No. 18190 Ernakulam-Tata express leaving Ernakulam on 19.11.2023 will be regulated en-route 2Hours.

2. The train No. 13352 Alappuzha-Dhanbad Bokaro express leaving Alappuzha on 19.11.2023 will be regulated en-route 1Hour.


Due to Traffic Cum Power Block for lunching of bow string girder for ROB between Kishan Ganj – Nergundi stations in Khurda Road Division of East Coast Railway the following trains rescheduled as details given below.

1. The train No 12703 Howrah -Secunderabad Falknuma Express is rescheduled on 16.11.2023 to leave Howrah at 11:05hrs instead of its scheduled departure at 08.35hrs.(Rescheduled by 2Hrs 30 Minutes)

2. The Train No.12864 SMV Bangalore- Howrah express is rescheduled on 15.11.2023 to leave SMV Bangalore at 13.35hrs instead of its scheduled departure at 10.35. (Rescheduled by 3Hrs )


Due to commissioning of Doubling line between Dhone -Malkapuarm Stations of Guntakal Division of South Central Railway the following train will run in diverted route via Gooty Fort – Yerraguntla instead of regular route Gooty –Dhone, details given below.

1. The train No. 22884 Yesvanthpur-Puri Garibrath express leaving Yesvanthpur on 18.11.2023 will run in diverted route. Stoppage eliminated Dhone.

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