Odisha: Lord Jagannath fully recovers from illness, ready for July 7 Rath Yatra


Puri, July 3: The Lord had completely recovered from his illness. His fever is all gone and He is all set to roll on Rath on pilgrim city Puri’s Grand Road on July 7 to mingle with countless devotees.

Yes, it’s a big piece of news for all the devotees of Lord Jagannath. The Lord of Universe and His siblings – elder brother Lord Balabhadra and younger sister Goddess Subhadra – who had fallen sick after taking heavy showers on the occasion of Snana Yatra a few days ago, fully recovered on Wednesday following days of secret treatments by temple priests with traditional herbal medicines.

As per the tradition, a team of senior Daita servitors, including Patimohapatra went to the royal palace in a ceremonial procession called ‘Rajprasad Bije’ and appraised the Gajapati King Dibyasingha Deb about the recovery of the deities from fever.

Gajapati is known as the Adya Sevak or First Servitor of Lord Jagannath.

On July 7, the deities will come out of Srimandir (Jagannath Temple) and make a holy journey to their aunt Srigundicha’s place. This journey from Srimandir to Srigundicha Temple is famously known as Rath Yatra or Car Festival. Lakhs of devotees from across the country and abroad witness this majestic annual festival.

“Servitors, all the officials and employees of Srimandir Temple Administration, Puri district administration and police personnel are fully ready for the smooth conduct of all the rituals during the upcoming nine-day Rath Yatra. Now, we will pray for the Lord’s blessings only for the mandkind,” said the Gajapati King.

After the ‘Snana Purnima’ rituals on June 22, the Holy Trinity fell ill and entered into Anasara Pindi (quarantine chaber) for 14 days.

During this 14-day quarantine period, the deities reside in the Anasara Pindi. They undergo treatment with natural herbs, special Phuluri oil and Dasamula herbal medicines during the period.

The Phuluri oil used in the rituals during the Anasara period is specially prepared by the Basa Odia Matha every year. The oil is prepared with a combination of flowers, sandalwood powder, Bena Chera, rice and camphor.

During this Anasara period, devotees are not allowed to have darshan of the sibling deities. The doors of the Sanctum Sanctorum remain closed, and traditional Pattachitra paintings of the deities are worshipped.

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