About Us

Odisha News Tune stands out amidst other online news portals by virtue of the engaging way it produces and distributes news stories and current affairs. Unlike others, it cares to gather and serve the information at the earliest and before they become old and irrelevant. It also strives to exploit the best apps offered by digital technologies to improve the reader’s experience online.

Odisha News Tune has at its desk a community of young and old journalists that ever eagerly combines their expertise and experience to bring out the best in its news organization.

Although Odisha News Tune is primarily focused on Odisha, it always stays updated on international breaking news and burning issues. It takes care to cater to the needs of all categories of readers by publishing update stories on a wide range of topics like politics, industry, education, art and culture, sports, entertainment, environment, and crime.

Odisha News Tune strictly maintains media ethics and abides by the highest standard of journalism. It never allows editorial tampering while reporting the news. While we would never hold any story back if it is in the public interest, we would never resort to a vendetta or character assassination against anyone.

We would always give a person the opportunity to present his/her side of the story if it has the potential to harm his/her reputation of the institution s/he represents. But if someone still feels aggrieved, s/he can write directly to odishanewstune@gmail.com for redressal of the grievance.

The jurisdiction for legal disputes and litigation arising out of any story or article published on www.odishanewstune.com would be the Bhubaneswar region (the State capital of Odisha).