Better health infrastructure in grassroots level by 2017 in Odisha

In another bid to provide quality health care in the State, the Odisha
Government has expedited steps for development of health infrastructures in
grassroots level (Sub centre to district headquarters level) and set a target
to complete the construction work of all sub center buildings by 2017. 

strategic perspective plan for the purpose has been prepared and put to action
in a high level meeting held under the chairmanship of Chief Secretary Jugal
Kishore Mohapatra at the state secretariat here on Wednesday wherein Health
Secretary Pradipta Kumar Mohapatra outlined the issues for discussion.
Chief Secretary has advised to prepare the green architectural designs of the
health institutions focusing on minimal use of energy and recycling techniques
while the works department has been advised to strengthen its architectural
wing and empanel the architects for quick preparation of plan and designs. 
Chief Secretary further instructed the Works departments to prepare integrated
building designs including all civil, electric and internal sanitation works so
that the buildings will be completed in one go and can be put to use just after
the completion of the construction whereas the Public Health department has
been asked to make all necessary external water and sanitation connection plan
for health institutions well in advance. 
National Health Mission (NHM) Roopa Mishra presented the perspective plan for
discussion. A three year perspective plan was worked out in the meeting and
necessary administrative decisions were taken to fasten the process of
implementation. The districts collectors have been authorized to accord
administrative approval to all NHM civil work plan and designs. 
have been taken for saturation of the construction of all sub center buildings
by 2017, saturation of the construction of all PHC buildings, establishment of
high end critical care units like Sick Newborn Care Unit ( SNCU), New Born
Stabilization Unit( NBSU) , New Born Care Corner ( NBCC) at all delivery point
hospitals., construction of accommodation for health staff , establishment of
clean and proper nutrition care facility at different delivery point health
institutions and Nutrition Rehabilitation Centers ( NRC). 
of vaccine centers at State, district and sub-divisions, construction of drug
warehouses, provision of 24×7 piped water supply and dedicated electric in
hospitals, construction and upgradation of Auxiliary Nurse and Midwifery
Training Center ( ANMC) General Nurse and Midwifery Training Center (GNMTC)
have also been included in the perspective plan. 
data shows a total number of 8,367 health institutions have been included in the
action plan with 19284 number of new construction and renovation work projects
budgeted  around Rs 3,300 crore  spread over three successive financial years
from 2014-15.

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