First ever ISRO exhibition in Odisha

Bhubaneswar, Dec 11: Celebrating the 10th year of Young
Astronomer Talent Search (YATS), Tata Steel in collaboration with Pathani
Samanta Planetarium (PSP) has brought the much acclaimed Vikram Sarabhai Space
Exhibition of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) for the first time
to Odisha. 
The week-long exhibition was inaugurated on Sunday at the
Pathani Samanta Planetarium, Bhubaneswar by Kailash Chandra Sahoo, Planetarium Director
in the presence of Arun Misra, vice president, Project Gopalpur and Managing
Director, Tata Steel SEZ. The exhibition will be on display from 10 am to 5 pm
from December 13 to 17.
The mobile exhibition presented by Vikram Sarabhai Space
Exhibition (VSSE), Ahmedabad, is having a set of about 20 static panels related
to Remote Sensing Satellites and Communication Satellite and their
applications, Chandrayaan/ Mars mission, models of camera of Mars Mission,
satellite images; scale down models of launch vehicles like PSLV & GSLV,
various satellite models of INSAT and IRS, OCM, Aryabhatta, RISAT, etc. and a
working model showing satellites orbiting around earth. While mechanical
component parts used in satellites are on the display, there are various video
documentaries on launching the Mars Mission. For students of higher classes
there is also a video display on how to join ISRO. ISRO’s Geo portal-BHUVAN
website will be demonstrated during the exhibition as well. A team of senior
scientists and engineers from the Space Applications Center, Ahmedabad, are
also present in the exhibition to interact with the students.
Speaking about the exhibition, Arun Misra said, bringing in
the ISRO exhibition is a momentous occasion to mark the 10th edition of YATS.
The aim of this exhibition is to develop scientific temper amongst the students
and researchers and to make common man aware of the contributions of ISRO
initiatives in our daily lives. The children visiting the exhibition should
also feel encouraged and pursue higher studies in space science.”
Planetarium Director Kailash Chandra Sahoo said, “We are
proud to host ISRO’s first ever exhibition in the state. This will help to
develop scientific temper among students. I look forward to many footfalls from
curious youngsters and astronomy enthusiasts over the next one week.”

In a fitting conclusion to the 10th edition of YATS, this
initiative is expected to provide valuable real-world exposure to the world of
astronomy and space science. The 10th edition of YATS has witnessed active
participation of nearly 34,000 students from over 300 schools, spread over 27
districts of Odisha.

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