National Register of Citizens for Odisha demanded

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Bhubaneswar, January 29, 2018: The Bharat Raksha Manch held a
protest on Monday with the demand for extending the exercise of holding the
National Register of Citizens (NRC) in Odisha after the first part of the draft
of the NRC for Assam was published on the January 1.
The NRC is an exercise that is supposed to help identify and
segregate names of illegal Bangladeshi migrants. Being conducted under the
supervision of the Supreme Court, the exercise faced a lot of opposition in the
The National Register of Citizens was first prepared in 1951
in Assam after the conduct of the Census of that particular year. The Register
included particulars of all the persons enumerated during that Census.
The Manch has been demanding that NRC should be made
mandatory in all the states where sizeable illegal Bangladeshi immigrants are
present. In due time, the nation should have a detailed and composite Register
of its Citizens.
A delegation of the Manch will submit a memorandum to the
Governor of Odisha highlighting its demand, said Murali Manohar Sharma,
Convener of the Manch.
He said that Odisha is one of the most vulnerable and soft
state in the matter of illegal Bangladeshi immigration.
With its long coastline, largely unmonitored in spite of the
dozen Marine Police Stations, the State has become the landing spot of illegal
immigrants. The rising presence of Bangladeshis in different cities of the
State has been brought to the notice of the State government many times, said
The Chief Minister has himself admitted to the presence of
3800 illegal Bangladeshi immigrants in the State Assembly, but nothing has been
done to deport them, added Sharma.
Manch national secretary Anil Dhir said that the rising crime
rate in the state is largely due to this illegal population.
“They engage in theft, dacoity, highway robbery, cattle
smuggling, human trafficking, temple thefts, and commercial sex rackets besides
being a major threat to the internal security. The NIA too has put Odisha in
its scanner as there are many sleeper cells of HUJI, LET and the Jamaat which
are active here,” said Dhir.
The State administration should undertake a major exercise to
detect and deport these illegal Bangladeshis. In spite the directive by the
Centre in the matter of Rohingyas, the State government took no action. The
mushrooming of Madrasas in the state is an indicator of the increase in
radicalization, said Dhir.    

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