Odisha Govt to launch new pro-poor food security scheme from Gandhi Jayanti


Bhubaneswar, July 28, 2018: Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik on Saturday announced new scheme for food security in Odisha with effect from Gandhi Jayanti (October 2) for universal coverage and inclusion of people who have been left out from National Food Security Act (NFSA) 2013.

Around 34.44 lakh beneficiaries who were left out from NFSA would be benefited with the implementation of the State’s own scheme. Beneficiaries would get food grains at Re1 per kg under the scheme.

Earlier on several occasions, Patnaik had written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi requesting him to include 34.44 lakh additional beneficiaries of the State under the NFSA.

Odisha will fund the shortfall after reminders to Central Government to correct anomaly went unheeded. The CM stressed on food security during the discussion at Ama Mukhyamantri Ama Katha programme.

The State Government had argued before the Centre that for the implementation of the NFSA 2013, Odisha was given a target of 3,26,41,800
beneficiaries, which was 78 per cent of the 2011 Census population of 4,19,74,218.

According to 2011 Census data, the rate of growth of population of Odisha was 14 per cent in the last decade.

“If we extrapolate this data, then in 2018 the population of Odisha has increased by 10.22% as compared to 2011. It is estimated that the total population of Odisha in 2018 would be 4,62,63,983.  Allowing the same percentage of coverage as was decided when the Act came into force, then we are entitled to cover 3,60,85,907 beneficiaries under the NFS Act,” the Chief Minister said in a letter to PM Modi on May 24.

“It is requested that additional 34.44 lakh beneficiaries may be sanctioned for the State of Odisha to ensure food security to all eligible persons to serve the objective of the Act. Besides, I would also suggest that a mechanism may be put in place wherein the target is modified at
regular intervals to increase the coverage of the beneficiaries in accordance with the increase in population,” the Chief Minister had urged.

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