INS Chilika, a key enabler in meeting manpower needs of Navy


Bhubaneswar: Indian Naval Ship (INS) Chilka, the ab-initio training establishment for Sailors and Naviks of Indian Navy and Indian Coast Guard respectively, was commissioned on February 21, 1980.

The establishment has expanded more than tenfold since it’s commissioning about four decade back, from an initial capacity of 600, and presently trains nearly 6,500 trainees per year.

With increased intake, the establishment has also augmented its facilities with state-of-the-art training infrastructure that can meet modern day training needs.

The training curriculum at INS Chilka has been designed and is also periodically reviewed to convert a raw recruit into a mentally and physically tough sea warrior. During the course of training, the trainees are also instilled with a sense of self-confidence, camaraderie, esprit-de-corps and discipline.

The establishment is a key enabler in meeting the manpower needs of the Navy, so as to make it a potent and combat ready force to address all challenges at sea.

INS Chilka has been named after the famous lake Chilika, which is one of India’s largest brackish water coastal lakes. The training establishment is located on the shore the lake. The crest depicts the traditional wheel of a chariot in the Sun Temple at Konark.



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