Legislators must not forget democratic decency: CM Naveen Patnaik

Odisha Politics

Bhubaneswar: Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik on Friday said that democratic dissent is a right of an MLA and while exercising this right, legislators must not forget democratic decency.

“Democratic dissent is a right of an MLA. While exercising this right, legislators must not forget democratic decency. At no circumstances, democratic dissent should cast a shadow on democratic decency,” said Patnaik while gracing the inaugural event of the two-day orientation programme organised by Odisha Assembly for the members of 16th Odisha Legislative Assembly (OLA) in collaboration with Lok Sabha Secretariat.

The programme was presided over by Assembly Speaker Surya Narayan Patro.

“A country of many diversities Indian democracy continues to get stronger by each passing year. The roots of our successful democracy lie in our people and their unflinching faith in democratic values. They are the real masters in a democracy. I believe; every elected representative must understand this,” said the Chief Minister.

“In whatever position you may be, the people are supreme. Therefore, elected representatives should keep the common people at the centre of all their initiatives,” added Patnaik.

Maintaining that the primary function of the legislature is to make laws, Patnaik said an appetite for information and education on legislative procedures and understanding of socio-economic issues and policies will certainly help.

“All our acts and polices are essentially directed at greater public good. The legislators should also endeavour to bring the acts and policies to public domain so that people can be real partners in the process of change,” the CM said.

“Finally, the most significant point for a people’s representative is that he or she must lead by example. Simplicity should be at the core of our public behaviour. Leading a simple life can help us connected to people,” further said Patnaik.

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