OSBC launches dedicated portal to facilitate home delivery of liquor in Odisha


Bhubaneswar: The Odisha State Beverage Corporation (OSBC) launched a dedicated portal http://www.osbc.co.in to facilitate home delivery of liquor in the State.

The Government has allowed online sale of liquor – home delivery of liquor to the existing “ON” & “OFF” Excise licensees in the State. As per the Government decision, As on May 31, 1351 retailers are participating in home delivery of liquor throughout the State.

Also, four aggregators namely Zomato, Swiggy, Hip Bar & Dunia online Pvt. Ltd. have been granted NOC to operate in the State. Out of 2,46,852 home delivery orders received, a total of 2,42,038 orders have been executed by these retailers as well as aggregators till 31.05.2020.The number & volume of home delivery have been rising steadily in all the districts.

As per the present arrangement, in case of home delivery of liquor directly by retailers, they are displaying their phone/ mobile number in front of their shops for wider publicity and the consumers can place orders by dialing these numbers. The retailers can execute the home delivery through their own staff.

They also maintain a record of names & address and other details of the consumers and the products delivered to them.

In order to further streamline the process and to bring an ease of convenience for consumers and retailers as well as for the purpose of transparency and building accountability in the whole process, OSBC with the help of NIC, Odisha has developed a portal which will act as a digital platform to bring all the retailers and consumers together to ensure smooth and hassle free home delivery of liquor.

The first time visitors need to register themselves for accessing the portal. The portal is mobile compatible and the link can also be stored on the home screen by choosing the feature “add to home screen” for easy access. The portal provides list of all the retailers within the district at one location and also the list of all the brands with MRPs available with the retailers.

With this feature the consumer need not directly call the retailer but can place his/ her orders by selecting the retailer of this choice and also the brand which consumers want to buy.

The portal will generate a challan containing the above details with MRP & delivery charges. For the retailers, with this portal they can aggregate all the orders at one place which makes it convenient to them for handle. Since all the orders gets registered in the portal, it automatically generates the record of each transaction and frees him from the hassle of maintaining another register. The system also generates e-Invoice which can act as an e-pass to facilitate movement. SMS alerts are also received by retailers and consumers at various stages. In the days to come many additional features like integration with payment gateways and UPIs, capturing feedback about service delivery from customers, converting the portal into a mobile application by integrating various other services, etc. have been planned.


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