‘New Education Policy will make India’s education system more robust & inclusive’

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Bhubaneswar, August 31: The New Education Policy-2020 (NEP) encompasses provisions that bolster Prime Minister Narendra Modi Government’s resolve to provide quality education to all, tweeted Union Petroleum and Natural Gas and Steel Minister Dharmendra Pradhan.

In a series of tweets, Pradhan said, “Designed to enhance essential & analysis-based learning and critical thinking of students, NEP will make India’s education system more robust and inclusive.”

“Revising the structure of the curriculum from a 10+2 system to a 5+3+3+4 design, NEP-2020 is a revolutionary revamp that will prioritise and promote cognitive development of children with an effort to optimise learning for students,” wrote Pradhan.

“PM Narendra Modi believes that students are an equal stakeholder in the policies related to the development of the country. NEP-2020 will eliminate the hierarchies and discrimination that persists in our education system and change the educational landscape of our country,” wrote the Union Minister.

Pradhan, who belongs to Odisha, wrote, “Creation of special education zones under NEP-2020 will play a pivotal role in eliminating the difference of education in rural and tribal areas and further provide equal opportunities in education for the disadvantaged sections in the country, including Odisha.”

“Inclusivity has been Modi Govt’s mantra and all the policy designs of Government of India are a testimony of this. Education is a fundamental right that should reach the remotest and farthest places. NEP-2020 envisages inclusive and equitable quality education, especially for rural India,” the Union Minister further wrote.

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