Niranjan reiterates CBI probe demand into mining scam

Bhubaneswar: Former Minister and senior
Congress leader Niranjan Patnaik has asked the State Government to hand over
the investigations into mining scam to CBI without any further delay.
demanded the central probe on the basis of media reports on the contents of
Justice MB Shah Commission of Enquiry set up by the Central Government to
enquire into large scale irregularities in mining operations in different
long I have been unequivocally demanding a CBI probe into the Mining Scam in
Odisha. The State Government had taken a stand that the mining scam is under
investigation by the Shah Commission. Now that the Commission has given its
findings, the state Government must implement the recommendations of the
Commission and write to the Central Government to notify a CBI probe.”
slammed the state government for being in a perpetual state of denial on the
mining scam, which is “the biggest corruption case in history of Odisha” while
claiming to be the cleanest Government. “How can such huge loot take place, if
the Government was indeed honest,” he asked.
that CBI investigation into illegal mining on recommendation of Andhra Pradesh
Government have put the Reddy brothers of Bellary in jail, Patnaik said the
same allegations were made in Odisha and the Shah Commission has confirmed
did such a huge scam take place without people in power coming to know,
conniving or benefiting remains unanswered? Who is the Chief Minister trying to
protect and why,” asked Patnaik in a statement.
also alleged that the State Government issued notices to mining companies for
recovery of nearly Rs 2 lakh crore in order to hoodwink the public only. He
wanted to know how much money has so far been recovered.

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