Niranjan seeks release unemployed youths from jail

Bhubaneswar: Senior Congress leader
Niranjan Patnaik on Thursday visited unemployed jailed youths arrested during a
ruckus in an employment fair organized by the state government last week at
Ragadi jail in Jajpur and demanded their immediate release.
said, “It is highly disappointing that an employment fair is organized largely
for freshers besides experienced youths. But then only experienced candidates were
recruited leaving freshers behind with a feeling of annoyance and agitation. If
job aspirants are not entertained and do not get considered then there is
absolutely no point of inviting them and wasting their time.”
is very sad that these youths were given two days of physical and mental
torture for no reason by the police. Anybody in such frustration would get
agitated, playing with youths’ sentiments is objectionable and the state
government should take care of it rather than punishing and torturing the
youths. I therefore request the state government to investigate the issue and
immediately release the innocent youths.”
the state government Patnaik said Jajpur is considered to be one of the most
prominent industrial estates, but still the government had failed to recruit local
employment fair was only organized to catch people’s attention as general
elections are coming close. They are not concerned about common mans’ good,
they are only concerned about themselves,” he averred.

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