NASA Prize for KiiT International School Students

Zenith’s Labyrinth, a project developed by Grade 8 students of KiiT
International School, bagged the second prize worldwide in the Space Settlement
Design Contest for School Students organized by National Space Society of USA
in association with NASA.

students-Aman Patnaik, Abhishek Mahapatra, Sai Krishanth P.M., Nitish Mohanty,
Satwik Gadnayak and Saurik Mishra-had worked relentlessly for over 12 weeks to
develop the project. They worked under guidance of Bejoy Mathur, INLAKS Scholar
and Project Coordinator for the School.
Labyrinth was a rather distinctive name that they chose to call a space colony
that they designed for the contest. Futuristic, imaginative and original, it
captured the attention of renowned scientists who evaluated this work along
with 400 others from different parts of the world. It was an apt recognition to
the team surcharged with an abundance of ideas, enthusiasm and keenness to give
their very best. As the winner, they would be going to Los Angeles, USA as
delegates to the International Space Development Conference in the month of
May, 2014.
KIIT and KISS, Dr. Achyuta Samanta and Chairperson of the School, Dr. Mona Lisa
Bal congratulated the team on their endeavor.

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