Odisha to support private Goshalas

Bisnhupada Sethi 
Bhubaneswar, July 12: In another step towards protection of
cattle and to save them from cruelty, the Odisha Government has decided to
provide financial support to registered private Goshalas operating in the
Fisheries and Animal Resource Development Secretary Bisnhupada
Sethi said that this support would be extended from current year. The Goshalas
would be provided financial grant for ensuring proper food and shelter to stray
Sethi further said that there presently 26 registered Goshalas
are operating in various places of the State. Goshalas are integral part of the
States’ diversified cultural heritage. The domestic animals also provide
economic and social security to the human beings. The financial assistance
provided by the Government would be an incentive for the private Goshalas and
would meet a part of their total expenses for the animals.
Such financial support by State Government is going to be
introduced for the first time in the State. 
The assistance would be provided at the rate of Rs 16,000 per cattle per
annum.  The registered Goshalas willing
to avail assistance under the scheme will apply to Chief District Veterinary
Officer (CDVO) of concerned District giving details about their operation in a
prescribed format.
Sethi further added that the by-products of Goshalas such as
the cow dung, urine and Panchagavya (cow milk, curd, ghee, cow urine and cow dung)
can be used as medicines, manure, disinfectants, organic pesticides. The Goshalas
can tie up with various bio-processing units coming up in the State. Apart from
that they can also take up in-situ conservation of indigenous cattle breeds of
Odisha in the native track.  

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