Animal husbandry extension service via mobile advisories launched

Bhubaneswar, Sep 26: In
a bid to bridge the gap between farming community and extension system, the Fisheries
and Animal Resources Development (F&ARD) Department introduced Mobile
Advisory Service.
Information regarding
preventive vaccination, de-worming, nutritional management, breeding, care and management,
modern animal husbandry practices, disaster warning etc. for managing their
livestock will be sent through voice SMS daily to enable them augment their
production and income.
“I appreciate the
effort of the Department to introduce Mobile Advisory Services, so that farmers
owning livestock will get 4-5 voice messages daily on modem animal husbandry
practices. Our farmers should listen to these messages regularly and apply it
for enhancing their income from livestock farming,” said Chief Minister Naveen
Patnaik while launching of Controlled Breeding Programme in Indigenous
Non-descript Cattle here.
One call centre at
State level was established and relevant information will be disseminated
through mobile advisory services to one lakh farmers owning livestock per year.
This will help reach
out go illiterate/ semiliterate farmers owning Livestock for ensuring that
remote rural communities are better informed. Advisories up to five free daily
voice messages in the form of brief one minute capsules, which are focused on
local contextual importance will be sent in Odia language to farmers owning
Livestock. Weather alerts, Tsunami Alerts and Cyclone Alerts will help the
farmers for saving life of animals and economic loss.
All the Farmers enrolled
will have access to a helpline facility, which can be used to clarify on the
voice messages and get expert advice/ help. Experts may connect the Specialists
on a conference call, if required.  The
other farmers holding mobile phone will also be allowed to have access to the
Special phone-in programmes
may be conducted with subject matter specialists. These programmes will be
announced in advance and any farmers requiring specialized service can call to
discuss the problem directly.

One Partnering Agency
has been outsourced to provide necessary infrastructure like IT platforms for
managing content for advisory systems, delivery systems including helpline,
running ‘Phone in Expert’ programmes for management of the project. 

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