Love intrigue led to 71 murders in Odisha in 2017


Bhubaneswar, March 3, 2018: Love intrigue has led to as many as 71 murders in Odisha in last year. During the year 2017, a total of 1,267 murder cases were registered in the State out of which 71 murder cases were reported due to love intrigue, said a State CID Crime Branch statement.

Of the 1,267 murders, 697 were male and 549 persons were females.

“During the year 2017, 1,267 murder cases were registered in the State in which 697 males and 549 females were killed. The corresponding figure of murder cases in 2016 was 1328 where 683 numbers of males and 659 females were killed. This shows that there was decrease in reporting of murder cases as well as total number of persons killed in 2017 compared to 2016,” it said.

There was reporting of 306 numbers of dowry deaths, 115 due to personal vendetta/ enmity, 71 due to love intrigue, 50 due to property dispute and 32 murders for gain during this period too, it added.

However, there was no case of a single death due to communalism/ castesim in 2017.

At least five deaths occurred due to extremists activities in 2017 against 11 of 2016.

Out of registered 1,267 cases in 2017, 643 cases had been charge sheeted and 381 cases have been shown as “likely” to be charge sheeted.

The percentage of detection of murder cases in 2017 was 84.4 per cent including “likely” to be charge sheeted cases. During 2017, 1,589 accused persons have been arrested in murder cases.

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