Disaster management training for Red Cross counsellors soon


Bhubaneswar, August 16, 2018: For effective disaster management, the Odisha State Disaster Management Authority (OSDMA) will be hosting Disaster Management Training Programmes for counsellors of Youth Red Cross (YRC) and Junior Red Cross (JRC), units of Indian Red Cross Society (IRCS).

A meeting was recently held at OSDMA conference hall for finalisation of Disaster Management Training Programmes on Wednesday. It was chaired by OSDMA Chief General Manager-I.

It was decided in the meeting to create trainers in school and colleges by conducting Training of Trainer (ToT) courses in Disaster Management and Life Survival Skills involving Youth Red Cross Counsellors and school teachers of Junior Red Cross, across the state.

The trained counsellors and school teachers will, in turn, conduct awareness training programmes at school and college level with due guidance of OSDMA to inculcated a culture of disaster preparedness among students.

In the first phase during 2018-19, efforts will be made to train 150 Youth Red Cross counsellors and 150 Junior Red Cross school teachers.

Priority will be given to train the counsellors and teachers form six coastal districts of Odisha.

Separate training modules for School Teachers and YRC Counsellors will be designed by OSDMA with due consultation with IRCS, Odisha State Branch and other stakeholders.

While school safety will be the focus area for the training of school teachers, for YRC counsellors it will be on disaster preparedness and response, drowning Prevention, Snake Bite Management, Lightning Safety, Road Safety and Chemical emergencies to be the focus area in additions to the regular disaster preparedness measures.

All training related expenditure will be borne by OSDMA. The training (ToT) programmes will be conducted using the infrastructure facility of IRCS, Odisha State Branch. Joint Secretary, IRCS, OSB agreed to coordinate the matter.

It was further decided that the core committee having representatives both from OSDMA and IRCS- Odisha State Branch will sit again for finalising the training modules, budget and other modalities for conducting the training programmes.

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