Dos to stay safe during Monsoon Lightning


Bhubaneswar, September 17, 2018: As terminal Monsoon Lightning will be more intense in the days to come everyone should know what to do during thunderstorm and lightning.


  • Please take shelter immediately inside a pucca house. Pucca house is the safest place.
  • If driving, stop your car/ bus/ bike and park in open. Stay inside the four wheeler vehicle with doors and glasses closed. Two wheeler rider to stop and stand under pucca cover.
  • Unplug all electric appliances like TV, Computer etc. and switch them off.
  • Inside house, close doors, windows and stay away from windows and doors. Also stay away from open areas like verandas, sheds, balcony etc.
  • If caught in lightning, squat and seat and adjoin both the feet together, thereby presenting minimum area to earth.

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