Chowkidaar Chor Hai, Naveen Patnaik remote controlled hai, says Rahul Gandhi

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Bhawanipatna: Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik at a public rally in Bhawanipatna in Kalahandi district saying “Chowkidaar Chor Hai’ in an apparent reference to Modi and Patnaik is being remote controlled by the PM.

Launching a direct attack on both the leaders Rahul said, “Chowkidar chor hai (the watchman is a thief) and Naveen Patnaik is remote controlled by the Chowkidar. Whatever Chowkidar tells Naveen Patnaik to do, he just says yes sir.”

“PM Modi and CM Patnaik work in tandem to snatch people’s land particularly of tribals and give it to their industrialist friends. Modi gifted you Rafale (scam) and Naveen Patnaik gave you chit fund scam. Patnaik is remote controlled by Modi,” said Rahul.

Reiterating that Congress will give minimum guaranteed income, Rahul said that no power in the world can prevent them from giving minimum income support to the poor.

“This is not a promise like giving Rs 15 lakh or providing 2 crore jobs. We will certainly give minimum guaranteed income and it will be directly credited to account of the beneficiaries. No power in the world can prevent us from doing so,” claimed Rahul.

Alleging that much like the BJP Government headed by Modi at the Centre, the Naveen Patnaik Government has completely ignored the ongoing unemployment crisis and has left thousands of people without a basic source of income.

“For last 18 years the BJD Government is in Odisha. But the tribal youths of the State don’t find jobs here and migrate to other States in search of jobs,” said Rahul.

This was the second visit of Rahul to Odisha in a fortnight. Earlier, he visited the State on January 25.

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