Capital Hospital staff save lives of 22 sick newborns from cyclone Fani fury

Nation Odisha

Bhubaneswar: Among tales of misery in the Cyclone Fani-hit Bhubaneswar, there are stories of many “unsung heroes” who risked their lives to save sick newborn babies here.

Due to the courageous action of the staff of Capital Hospital here, the lives of 22 sick newborn babies have been saved on May 3, the day cyclone Fani was wreaking havoc in the State with nearly 200 kmph wind storms and incessant rains.

According to Health and Family Welfare Department communiqué, at about 12.30 pm on May 3, at least 22 newborn babies were admitted in Sick & New Born Care Unit (SNCUT) of the Capital Hospital here. Seven staff nurses, two attendants along with two Medical Officers were present on duty at that time.

Under the impact of the strong wind caused due to the cyclone the ceiling of the SNCUT started trembling and falling.

“When the ceiling and other equipments started falling, the staff nurses and attendants on duty rushed near to the babies and covered them without caring for their own lives and very carefully started rescuing all the 22 safely to the NICU located on the ground floor of the same building,” it said.

Before shifting the babies they also disconnected the connections of the Radiant Warmers thereby saving the lives of the newborns.

Notably, Fani barrelled through the eastern coast in Odisha’s Puri district on May 3 leaving at least 41 people dead and wreaking havoc in 11 districts, including Bhubaneswar, the capital city of Odisha, by bringing down trees, power and communications lines and thatched houses.

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