Public suggestions for budget


Bhubaneswar: As part of its pre-budget consultation initiative with a cross section of the society, the Finance Department on Tuesday initiated the process of obtaining inputs from general public before finalising the State Budget 2019-20.

The suggestions may be sent by e-mail or web portal or WhasApp of the Finance Department by June 15.

“Now, Finance Department invites suggestions in a structured format to be used as an input in the process of preparations of annual budget 2019-20. Suggestions can be sent by e-mail to the address,” said a Finance Department communiqué.

“Similarly, suggestions for Budget are also invited through WhatsApp and SMS to the mobile number (+91) 9438161111. This facility will be available for a fortnight beginning June 4 till June 15,” it added.

The department has initiated efforts for budget preparation through a separate web portal through e-mail and SMS. The portal displays all budget related documents. The option of submission of budget suggestion through WhatsApp and Telegram was added in the process of Budget.


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