Ekamra Walks turns green educator

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Bhubaneswar: The weekly Ekamra Walks resumed on Sunday after a gap of more than a month. Today, Ekamra Walks, organisers of the only guided heritage trails in the capital city of Bhubaneswar, played the role of a green crusader with distribution of eco-friendly pens among the visitors on Sunday.

After a brief break following the severe cyclonic storm Fani that hit the State on May 3, the 124th Ekamra Walks Old Town circuit saw more than 40 participants, who also took the pledge to plant more trees as the cyclone has almost wiped out more than 50 per cent trees from the city skyline.

The use-and-throw pens made of waste newspapers have seeds inside so that when a user will throw them out, the pens, while decomposing will also turn into trees as the seeds would germinate.

Pancham P Taank, an engineer with SMS Group, said, “The idea of the distribution of eco-friendly pens to participants of the heritage walk is a wonderful idea and I hope we all should also care for the green heritage of the city as the Temple City was known for its green cover and trees which was partially lost after Fani.”

Pancham’s wife Sameekshya and twin sons Tanay and Tanmay, both in Class-IV at Vikas School near Khandagiri were also delighted to  take part in the walk and were happy receiving the eco-friendly pens.

Chief Manager of Bank of Baroda Mithilesh Kumar Singh, who came with his wife Abha and daughter Lavanya were also happy to know the heritage treasure and the medicinal plant garden Ekamra Van.

The eco-friendly pens with seed inside are developed by a city based startup LIKHAN by two students of Centurion University. They are students of the School of Vocational Education and Training of the University.

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