Kidney Swap at BR Life Kalinga Hospital saves two lives in Odisha

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Bhubaneswar: Doctors at BR Life Kalinga Hospital have successfully conducted a unique case of Kidney Swap Transplant recently.

According to a release of the hospital, Ganeswar Sankhua, 38-year-old from Tukuna village, Keonjhar district visited BR Life Kalinga hospital with a repeated episode of kidney failure.  He had undergone kidney transplant in a private hospital in the State. His mother was the donor, but unfortunately, it had failed within a span of four years.  His wife came forward to save the life of her spouse, but their blood groups did not match.  The doctors suggested them to apply for the Kidney Swap Transplant.

Similar was the case of 40-year old Sushant Kumar Sahu from Narasinghpur area. He had been under dialysis for six months.  A pharmacist by profession, Sahu was suffering from kidney disease for the past five years.  His wife offered to donate the kidney, but since their blood group did not match, they were unable to perform the procedure, it said.

In this case, post examination of the patients and the donors, it was decided that Jayanti Sahu, (donor 1 and wife of Sahu) would donate her kidney to Sankhua (recipient 2) and Arnapurna Peda (donor 2 and wife of Sankhua) would donate her kidney to Sahu (recipient 1).

Both the surgeries were carried out simultaneously by senior consultant Urology and Transplant Surgeon Dr Manas Rajan Pradhan and another by Dr Biswajit Nanda of same stream.  The surgery lasted for about four hours each.

Both of them have recovered well and accepted each other wife’s kidney well. They have been discharged from the hospital within eight to 12 days of the procedure.

“This case was challenging as we performed four surgeries simultaneously. This was only possible in a multispecialty hospital due to availability of medical experts,” said Dr Nanda.

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is known to affect approximately 1 million people in India every year.


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