Poetry is a powerful catalyst to hasten process of social transformation, says Vice President

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Bhubaneswar: Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu on Sunday said that poetry is one of the finest expressions of human emotion and can serve as a powerful catalyst that could hasten the process of social transformation.

“Poetry has the capability to change attitudes, mindset and social norms more than anything else. This apart, poetry can serve as a powerful catalyst that could hasten the process of social transformation,” said Naidu while gracing the valedictory ceremony of the 39th World Congress of Poets at KIIT here.

Naidu said, “If we aim at a more compassionate world, poetry can be one of the most powerful instruments. We need poets and writers and artists and singers as much as we need doctors, engineers and scientists.”

Urging schools to make poetry reading and appreciation a compulsory part of the curriculum and asking universities to encourage literature, arts and humanities education, the Vice President said, “Poetry has a great impact on inner chemistry of human emotions, on how we perceive, how we respond and how we behave.”

“The world needs peace to progress. If you have tension, you can’t pay attention… India never attacked any country because we never believe in aggression, we believe in progression. Share and care is the core of Indian philosophy,” said the Vice President.

“Poets have the unique potential to shape thoughts, feelings and attitudes. Mahatma Gandhi advocated for truth and non-violence. We can stop violence through literature and arts. Poetry can change the world,” said the Vice President.

On the occasion, the Vice President released an Anthology of poems.

This year, the conference was organised on the theme ‘Compassion through poetry’.

“I am touched by theme of this conference “Compassion through Poetry.” Compassion is innate to all of us. We just have to realize this and practice it consciously till it becomes our habit and all our actions, subconsciously, exhibit compassion and kindness,” said Naidu.

Governor Ganeshi Lal, Union MSME Minister Pratap Sarangi and KIIT and KISS founder was present.

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