Tigress Sneha gives birth to two cubs at Nandankanan Zoo


Bhubaneswar: Two tiger cubs are the latest addition to Nandankanan Zoological Park. Tigress Sneha delivered the cubs on the wee hours of Thursday night bringing the total number of tigers at the zoo to 27.

The tiger Saif is the father of the cubs. The zoo authorities are providing a conducive environment to the tigress and her newly born cubs.

As per the zoo authorities, the tigress Sneha gave birth to two cubs – one at 3.38 am and another at 5.44 am on Wednesday. The gender and colour of the cubs are yet to be ascertained. All measures are being taken to provide natural atmosphere to the mother and her cubs.

The tigress was taking care of the cubs as monitored through CCTV, said zoo authorities. Mating of the tigress was observed with normal coloured tiger Saif nearly 105 days back. Saif was brought from Hyderabad zoo under animal exchange programme for bloodline change.

With the birth of the two big cats, the total number of tigers in the zoo rises to 27, including five male, eight female – all of normal colour, and eight melanistic (all males).

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