Odisha launches Covid-19 portal; migrants’ registration begins


Bhubaneswar: After 29 persons in Odisha with travel history to West Bengal tested positive for Covid-19 in last one week, the State Government on Thursday launched a portal for registration of migrants and others for travelling to Odisha after the ongoing nationwide lockdown is lifted.

Anyone who wants to return to Odisha after lock down is over via any means – air, train, road – is required to register by filling up the form.

The returnees have to register themselves mandatorily with the Government – in the online portal https://covid19.odisha.gov.in/ and – get Rs 2,000 incentives for institutional quarantine or face legal action for concealing it.

The Government has made it mandatory for all who return to the State from any other parts of the country to register themselves with the Government and also to stay in ‘institutional quarantine’ for 14 days.

The State Government expects that nearly 5 lakh persons will return to the villages of Odisha from other States after lockdown movement restrictions are lifted.

The registration process commenced officially today.

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