Power tariff to be hiked by 30 paise per unit in Odisha from April 4


Bhubaneswar, March 27: The Odisha Electricity Regulatory Commission (OERC) on Saturday approved electricity tariff increase of 30 paise per unit. However, the tariff for people living below poverty line (BPL) and irrigation consumers have remained unchanged, said an official release.

According to an OERC statement, the revised tariff will be effective from April 4.

The electricity tariff for the State is determined annually by Odisha Electricity Regulatory Commission (OERC) for generation, transmission, supply and distribution utilities taking into account their commercial viability and operational efficiency.

As per the statement there will be no change in Monthly Minimum Fixed Charge (MMEC), Demand Charge and Meter Rent and there will be a minimal rise of 30 paise per kWh/kVAh in energy charge for all other category of consumers. This amounts only to 5.60% rise in overall retail supply tariff.

While power factor penalty/incentive and reliability surcharge has been abolished, two per cent rebate over and above normal rebate has been be allowed on the bill to the LT domestic and single phase general purpose category of consumers only who pay through digital means. This rebate will be applicable on the current month bill if paid in full, it stated.

Two per cent rebate will be allowed to all pre-paid consumers on pre-paid amount while charging of electric vehicles will be treated as GP category.

“The rural LT domestic consumers will get 5 paise per unit rebate in addition to existing prompt payment rebate who draw their power through correct meter and pay the bill on time. There is a rise of 3 paise per unit in transmission tariff raising it to 28 paise per unit from 25 paise per unit,” it added.

“The average tariff of OPHC has been reduced by 2.3% i.e. from 91.39 paise per unit to 89.28 paise per unit. The average annual BSP is revised to 296.29 paise per unit for FY 2021-22 as against 287.70 paise per unit in FY 2020-21,” it further stated.

According to sources, GRIDCO will purchase 28791.96 MU power during FY 2021-22 and sale 27870 MU to DISCOMs and emergency power supply of 60 MU to CGP. The average power purchase cost will be 278.06 paise per unit for FY 2021-22.

The tariff was last hiked by 20 paise per unit in October, 2020.

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