Varsha launches music video ‘Kie Tame” by Odibaba Studios

Entertainment Odisha

Bhubaneawar, March 8: Renowned Odia actor and social activist Varsha Priyadarshini launched a new music video ‘Kie Tame’ produced by Odibaba Studios on the occasion of International Women’s Day at a local eatery here on Tuesday.

The music video ‘Kie Tame’ has been produced by Odibaba Studios and has been released on its youtube Channel ‘Odibaba’ on the 8th of March, 2022. The song has been penned by Sujata Jena, Writer and Advocate, Odisha High Court with popular music director Premanand composing the soulful track.

Actors Naina Dash and Rakesh Dhal have portrayed intense characters in the music video while Singer Antara Chakrabarty has lent her voice to the composition.

The music video is a unique attempt by Odibaba Studios and has been launched on the occasion of Women’ Day 2022 as a celebration of the spirit of women who are making major strides in every sphere, be it as a housewife or as an Astronaut despite facing various challenges in their daily lives.

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