Upcoming Telefilm ‘Senrra’ Illuminates ‘Disappearing Art of Pottery’

Entertainment Odisha

Bhawanipatna, September 29: The forthcoming telefilm ‘Senrra’ is set to highlight the dwindling tradition of pottery. As modernity sweeps across, heritage crafts are gradually disappearing, leaving the livelihoods of artisans, including proficient potters, hanging by a thread.

‘Senrra’ intends to graphically depict the grim reality confronting the pottery community, comparing their predicament to a sunset on life’s skyline. This touching production, which explores the trials of threatened heritage professions, is presently under production.

The movie, starring a group of gifted performers, aspires to convey a potent societal message through their outstanding portrayals, ideas, feelings, and sentiments. The filming of ‘Senrra,’ backed by Doordarshan Bhawanipatna and organized by Devgiri Sanskrutik Anusthan, a notable local entity, is taking place at various sites around Bhawanipatna.

The film is being skillfully directed by the youthful filmmaker Sourav Mahapatra, with the script being an adaptation from the work of emerging writer Dileswar Rana.

Pabitra Khosla expertly manages the cinematography responsibilities, with Amiya Bhoi overseeing the editing. Nirmal Patra and Pinaki Dash are contributing their invaluable support to this endeavor.

An impressive cast ensemble, including Trimohan Sahu, Ajit Nayak, Alok Sahu, Soumaranjan Jena, Dhananjaya Sahu, Dileswar Rana, Rameswar Tripathi, Sanjay Dhangadamajhi, Subham Behera, Sudhir Dhangadamajhi, Swadhin Patra, Trinath Shyam Kumar, Hukum Rana, Diptimayee Singh, Pragyan Parimita Nayak, Manasiprabha Nayak and child actors Khushi, Suryansh and Piku are playing crucial roles in the film.

‘Senrra’ is scheduled to air on DD Odia soon and aims to illuminate the struggles encountered by traditional pottery craftsmen and their fading lifestyle.

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