Nirbhaya Vahini in Odisha to fight violence against women

Bhubaneswar: As
part of its nationwide movement to end violence against women, the Honour for Women
National Campaign has decided to launch “Nirbhaya Vahini” in Odisha along with
the state of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Uttar Pradesh, West
Bengal, Assam and Bihar where the incidence of violence
against women is highest.

Speaking to reporters in Delhi the National Convenor of
Honour for Women National Campaign Manasi Pradhan informed that Nirbhaya Vahini
will be a playing a critical role in fighting violence against women. It has
been entrusted to carry out some of the core task of the movement that includes
putting pressure on their respective state governments to immediately implement
the movement’s four-point charter of demands.
The demands includes reduction of liquor trade to half its
present level, inclusion in educational curriculum at both school and college
level self defence training for women, opening of special fast-track courts for
cases involving violence against women in every district, and a separate
investigating and prosecuting wing for cases involving violence against women.
“Our current focus is to make all state governments
implements the four point charter of demands within next six month. Once their implementations
are ensured, we can move to the next level of bringing about administrative,
judicial and police reforms,” said Pradhan.
Over ten thousand volunteers have already registered to be
part of the Nirbhaya Vahini.
Along with these eight states, Nirbhaya Vahini will also be
launched in the metro cities of
Delhi, Mumbai,
Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore and Hyderabad.
The first look of the official logo for Nirbhaya Vahini is
scheduled to be unveiled on December 24 at IIT
Mumbai, as part of the “Nirbhaya Fortnight” being observed by the movement from
December 16 to 29, commemorating the first anniversary of the Nirbhaya incident
in Delhi.

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