Dhamra Port holds summer camp for school children

Dhamra: A three-day long
summer camp was organized by Dhamra Port within the port premises for students
of various schools in the port periphery from June 10 to 12. The summer camp
was attended by nearly 160 school children from five different schools in the
surrounding of Dhamra Port. The summer camp is organized by the port every year
to give an opportunity to the rural students to effectively utilize their
summer vacation holidays.

The participating
students of the summer camp were trained on various fun and learn items like
terracotta, clay toy making, paper craft, collage making and yoga and
meditation. Competitions were held in groups among the students on song, dance,
quiz and poetry. Besides, there was a magic show organized by the port for the
students attending the summer camp. Similar magic shows were also organized for
general public in port nearby Kaithakhola and Dosinga market areas.

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