Niranjan demands custodial interrogation of chit fund scamsters

Niranjan Patnaik
Bhubaneswar: Former Minister and
senior Congress leader Niranjan Patnaik on Sunday demanded that CBI must
subject chit fund scamsters to custodial interrogation to expose the larger
conspiracy even at this belated stage.
“I was not surprised that a
prominent BJD leader raided by the CBI is confident that the investigating
agency would have found nothing against me. No one anticipating a CBI raid will
hold on to incriminating material,” said Niranjan in a Press release.
Niranjan said, “CBI must subject
all these people they are raiding to custodial interrogation. Why has the CBI
not examined the jailed scamsters? They are in Jharpada jail and CBI is moving
around the country side in search of clues to the conspiracy. What stops the
CBI from taking Pradeep Sethi, Prasant Das and others on remand? Pradeep Sethi
had taken the name of politicians and ministers in a TV interview and he can
provide evidence to the CBI to substantiate his charge. What has surfaced till
now is the proverbial ‘tip of the ice berg’. Some assets of these companies
have been confiscated by the state police. But, there is no trace of 80 % of
the money defrauded and CBI has to do a lot more to do justice to the hapless victims
of the largest fraud in Odisha history.”
“Bigwigs, who benefited by the
duping of lakhs of poor depositors, must be taken to custody and interrogated,
why is the CBI giving them a kid-glove treatment?” asked Niranjan.

“I expect all political parties to take
exemplary action against whoever is involved in this loot. Political parties do
not need a court order to get rid of these elements from public life. If anyone
from the Congress Party is involved he must be expelled from the Party swiftly,”
said Niranjan.

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