SOA varsity researcher Mohanty attends world Oncology Congress

Bhubaneswar, Oct 17: Oral cancer being the thrust area at the
SOA University-run Institute of Dental Sciences, its Dean Prof. Neeta Mohanty
was invited as a speaker at the World Congress on Advances in Oncology and
International Symposium on Molecular Medicine at Athens recently.
Prof Mohanty, who was the only speaker from India in the
conference, spoke on her research titled “Establishing fascin as a key
regulator in oral cancer metastasis.”
“The conference, which
ended on October 8 last, brought together experts in Oncology and Molecular
Medicine from all over the world to exchange notes on latest advances in these
fields. It was a very good exposure on how researchers in the world have
progressed,” she said.
The conference was organized by the Spandidos Publications,
publishers of international journals on oncology.
Prof. Mohanty’s presentation involved research work conducted
at the SOA  University in collaboration
with the Institute of Life Sciences and D.Y.Patil Vidyapeeth.
The SOA University recently launched an ambitious project
involving experts and health care workers to comprehensively address the
scourge of oral cancer in the state.
A part of the University’s corporate social responsibility
involving identification of vulnerable groups, spread of awareness and advice
on life style modification, the project would also focus on implementation of
early diagnostic techniques and comprehensive treatment plan for the
Oro-dental specialists, community medicine experts, nursing
personnel, social workers, NGOs, scores of volunteers and a group of hard core
researchers would be involved in the project.

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