Target set to bring down T&D losses to 30% by March, 2017

Dec 8: The State Government has set a target to bring down the aggregate
technical and commercial (AT&C) loss of four power distribution companies (discoms)
to 30 percent by March, 2017.
to this effect was taken at the review meeting on performance of the discoms headed
by Chief Secretary Aditya Prasad Padhi at the State Secretariat here on
was revealed in the meeting that AT&C loss could be reduced to 38 percent by
2014-15 through various reform measures. This loss was further reduced to 36
percent in 2015-16. Hence, the Government has set the target of bringing down
this loss to 30 percent by end of 2016-17 against the current 34 percent.
figure show that Nesco has reduced 3.33% AT&C loss during the year 2015-16
with overall loss of around 30%. Similarly, Wesco has reduced AT & C loss
to the tune of 4.44% during the same year and has limited overall loss to
37.89% during the year. The Southco has been able to reduce this loss by 4%
during the period with overall loss of 43.92% and Cesu has reduced AT&C
loss by 3.5% thereby keeping its overall loss around 37% during 2015-16. Bibhu
Prasad Mohapatra Head, Distribution Management Unit along with senior officers
from the department of Energy and representatives from discoms participated in
the review.
Secretary (Energy) Rajesh Kumar Verma outlined the issues and Gridco CMD Hemant
Kumar Sharma presented the updates for discussion.
stock of the performance of the companies of the last three years Padhi
directed them to augments their efforts for achieving the AT&C reduction
target set by Government by March, 2017. The discoms were also asked to first
track replacement of the defective meters and tauten the enforcement activities
through squad checks and disconnection for bringing down the theft and
bypassing etc. They were also advised to improve their cash balance situation
by enhancing collection efficiency.
issues relating to 100 percent billing, collection and raising satisfaction
level of the consumers through quality power supply and timely delivery of
services etc were discussed in the meeting. 

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