BDA-WRI MoU on sustainable urban mobility

Dec 27: Bhubaneswar Development Authority on Tuesday signed a Memorandum of
Understanding (MoU) with WRI India (World Resources Institute) to develop
sustainable urban mobility planning for the number one Smart City in India.
signing of the MoU, both the organisations will now have an integrated effort
to address transport and development challenges, such as road safety, traffic
congestion, long commuting time, inadequate mobility alternatives, poor
transport infrastructure, transport related pollutants, design of public space
and planning of city areas. This MoU will be effective for one year. However,
later it may be extended with mutual consent.
Integrated Transport of WRI India, Amit Bhatt described that  how due to a lack of coordination between
integrated land use and urban transport planning, city roads are increasingly
becoming unfriendly for pedestrians and cyclists.
purpose of this MoU would be to establish the basis and structure of
collaboration between BDA and WRI. The agency will provide BDA with its
technical assistance in Smart City proposal and engage in capacity building
programmes to catalyse specific sustainable solutions for urban development and
sector is also a focus area for the State Capital as it received large number
of votes under the Smart City Challenge, and was part of the city’s proposal
that earned it the first position in the Smart Cities Challenge.
India will support Bhubaneswar in its effort to develop transport and urban
planning projects under the Government of India’s Smart City Mission. In order
to achieve this, WRI will provide technical expertise in the areas of project
development, policy and capacity building. To begin with, WRI India has already
conducted a national level three-day workshop on “Indian Vision Zero” during
September last. By mutual agreement between the parties, additional sustainable
transport-related initiatives may be developed under the auspices of this MoU.
scope of the MoU will be on public bicycle sharing system, building a better
and robust public transport network and knowledge sharing as the WRI is one of
the leading and experienced consultant in the field.
Bhatt signed the MoU with BDA Planning member Sudhiranjan Mohanty in the
presence of Housing and Urban Development Minister Pushpendra Singh Deo.

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