Kalinga Fellowship for zero tolerance to sexual assaults on girls

Bhubaneswar, Mar 6: Kalinga
Fellowship is a remarkable partnership among the Government, business and civil
society to create zero tolerance to sexual assaults on girls.
The main objective of
the Kalinga Fellowship is to bring together key stakeholders to facilitate a
breakthrough in thinking and strategy to answer the question: How can business,
government and NGOs work together to prevent and redress sexual assault on
girls in Odisha?
An initiative of Dr
Achyuta Samanta, Founder, KIIT & KISS, the fellowship is imparted by BRIDGE
in association with FXB India, Ashoka Foundation and Dasra through Kalinga
Institute of Social Sciences (KISS).
On this occasion, a
five-day workshop was inaugurated at KISS and KIIT on Monday. Corporate leaders
and representatives of the civil society from 40 countries are participating in
the workshop as mentor, while the senior police officers, bureaucrats, legal
luminaries, media, and corporate officials as well as NGOs from India are
mentees. Both the mentors and mentees are called Kalinga Fellows.
The three high level
objectives of five-day strategy event are to build a set of breakthrough
strategies that will prevent and redress sexual assaults on girls in India, to
provide each participant leadership techniques, skills and method to enable
them to lead this agenda both at the fellowship and afterwards, and to create a
cohesive governance team to work together to drive these strategies during and
after the event. During this five-day programme, each participant will be
provided leadership techniques, skills and methods which will enable them to
lead this agenda during the fellowship and for one year afterwards.
It is a unique platform
where senior functionaries from the corporate sector, NGOs, media, bureaucrats,
senior police officers from various countries have come together to discuss on
a social problem and plan and implement the strategy to solve the problem, said
Mr. Shashikumar Velath of Ashoka Foundation.
Leaders of big
companies like Apple, HSBC, Google, MARS, So Just Add Water and Dentsu Aegis as
well as NGOs like FXB, BRIDGE, Ashoka, HHH, Pearson, Lakhyam, Prajwala, EKJUT,
Rajiv Gandhi Foundation and others are participating.
Each participant is
matched with a mentor both throughout the five-day event and one year
afterwards. They will receive a year of mentoring and coaching to supporting
them in achieving their vision. It is also a capability development programme,
teaching the participants some of the most of the contemporary leadership
strategy techniques, skills and methods which they can apply in their
leadership programme after the event.
BRIDGE specializes in
leadership, senior team development, transferring organization culture and facilitating
strategic change. BRIDGE works with some of the world’s forward looking company
and government institutions. FXB India is a renowned NGO focused to
developmental assistance to marginalized children, families and communities in
rural and urban India. Dasra is an influential philanthropy organization head
quarter in Mumbai backed by institutions like US aid, Bill and Melinda
Foundation and Piramal Foundation.

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