Plan before cyclone strikes


Bhubaneswar, October 10, 2018: As massive damage is expected in most parts of the State due to the very cyclonic storm “Titli’ which is likely to make landfall between 5.30 am and 9 am between Gopalpur and Kalingapatnam on Thursday, the State Government has make elaborate arrangements to ensure zero causality. And under its impact heavy rain accompanied by strong winds blowing at 165 kmph will occur. To deal with the situation, the Special Relief Commissioner’s office has issued certain do’s and don’ts for people to remain safe during the natural calamity.

Before Cyclone 

  • Ignore rumours, stay calm, and don’t panic
  • Keep your mobile phones charged to ensure connectivity use SMS
  • Listen to radio, watch TV, read newspapers for weather updates
  • Keep your documents and valuables  in water-proof  containers
  • Prepare an emergency kit with essential items for safety and survival
  • Untie cattle/animals to ensure their safety

During and after cyclone 


  • Switch off electrical mains, gas supply
  • Keep doors and windows shut
  • If your house is unsafe, leave early before the onset of cyclone
  • Listen to radio/transistor
  • Drink boiled/chlorinated water
  • Rely only on official warning


  • Don’t not enter damaged building
  • Watch out for broken electric poles and wires, and other sharp objects
  • Seek a safe shelter as soon as possible

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