Governor opens ‘Singhi Library-cum-Museum’ in city


Bhubaneswar: Governor Prof Ganeshi Lal on Sunday inaugurated the “Singhi Library and Museum” near Kalpana Square here.

This air-conditioned Library-Cum-Museum was founded by Singhi Charitable Trust for the educational development of the school and college students especially for those who are interested in higher education and research.

Trust Chairman Pratap Singh Singhi assured that this library will provide all the necessary books free of cost to students on their approach.  At present there are more than 30,000 precious books from India and abroad in the library. The Trust is likely to enhance the number up to 1 lakh books in near future.

The library houses a huge collection of books on science, literature, art, culture, sculpture, political science, history, yoga, biographies, economics, geography, games and sports, novels, education, medical science, engineering, agriculture, law, fashion, tourism and books on religions of the entire world.

Apart from books, the museum houses a huge collection of coins, match box design covers of almost all countries of the world.  There are antiques, rare photographs, portraits, medals of different periods that are quite educative and informative to the people of all ages and interest.

On the occasion Singhi requested to Governor to ensure in providing a suitable land or a road side Government quarter, so that the Singhi Charitable Trust can develop an advanced Library –Cum-Museum at its own cost for the service of the people of Odisha.

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